“The Supply Chain Agency” is the supply chain firm and division of The Supply Chain Academy – SCA Global  specializing in a wide range of bespoke supply chain and business consulting services offerings as depicted below:  
  • Outsourced Procurement Analysis Services (Spend Analysis, Contracts Management, Irregular Expenditure Audit and Advisory etc)
  • Outsourced Bid Committees/Procurement Panel Administration Support Services (BSC, BEC & BAC)
  • Procurement Panel / Bid Committees Advisory Services
  • Industrial Engineering (Business Process Optimization, Lean Manufacturing etc.)
  • Value Process Mapping
  • Warehouse Design and Layout
  • Financial Management
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Sales & Marketing (Business Development)
  • Outsourced Business Procurement Functions
  • Enterprise Supplier Development (ESP) Support Services
  • BBBEE consulting services and training
  • Business Growth Strategies (Corporates and SMMEs)
  • ERP Implementation and Support Services & Training (GMDH Streamline -Supply Chain AI software Streamline software is integratable with SAP, Syspro, Quick books, Sage, Oracle etc.) Enquiries: e-mail streamline@supply-chain.academy
  • Outsourced Business Branding and Marketing Services
  • Graduates Mentorship programmes and On-Job-Training  Enquiries: Gradcoach@supplychainacademy.co.za
  • Graduates placements,  e-mail our CSI Partners at Isebandla YPE (Young Professionals Empowerment) NPO  careers@isebandlaype.org.za
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